Lowbed  Trailer
Lowbed Trailer
Top brand  on trailer manufacture | LİDER TRAİLER
Top brand on trailer manufacture | LİDER TRAİLER
Damper Trailer | Lowbed Trailer | Trailer Turkey
Damper Trailer | Lowbed Trailer | Trailer Turkey


"Lider Lowbed" Inc. manufactures axle, trailer and on-vehicle equipments under “Lider Trailer” mark. It has been begun to export studies since establishing years and have been achieving export to primarily ; England, France, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Morocco Libya. "Lider Lowbed" which manufactures in 5.000 m2 covered area 5.000 m2 open area total 10.000 m2 modern plants began to manufacture for domestic market since 2006.

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What is a Trailer?

Lider Trailer Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Turkey which produces semi-trailers and trailer parts. By integrating with production (high standard machinery and automatic equipment), scientific research and development (3D drafting, senior designers) and sales (trained team), we can provide customers various trucks and semi-trailers as dump truck. , tractor head, water tanker truck, concrete mexer truck, tipper trailer, fuel tanker trailer, container transport trailer, lowbed trailer; or full trailer and the other 40 are available.

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Lowbed trailers for transportation heavy machinery

Lowbed used in heavy duty machine transport, is used not only for heavy machinery, but also for all kinds of heavy materials.Heavier type Lowbed is preferred so companies do transport with different sizes and weights.Lowbed trailer is produced in every capacity.Lowbed for transporting construction EquipmentLowbed for carrying heavy materialLowbed for custom transport  projectSpecial Type Lowb...


Custom Lowbed Production

For specific purposes, companies need to produce special type lowbed.these lowbed types vary according to the price-effective usage and purpose.If you tell us the usage areas for Lowbed Trailer, we can produce 2 axle type and 12 axle type average trialer.extension lowbed12 axle lowbedlow lowbedheavy type lowbedbackhoe loader transport200 ton lowbed


Cement transport tankers

Cement transport tankers  We have sell our cement transport tankers to Eu and Africa countries with high quality and best price .