About Us:

“Lider Trailer” manufactures customized Lowbed Trailers and other types of Semi-Trailers according to the needed requirements. “Lider Trailer” is the main brand of “Lider Lowbed” factory that provides high- quality products to both local and international markets since its establishment in 1987 .

"Lider Lowbed" Inc. manufactures axle, trailer, and on-vehicle equipment under “Lider Trailer” brand. It has begun to do export studies since establishing years and has been achieving export mainly to; England, France, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Morocco and Libya. "Lider Lowbed" factory manufactures in a 27.000 m2 covered area and a total 39.000 m2 open area at the 5th Industrial Organized Zone in Konya/ Turkey (Türkiye).