Suspension:                                  Mechanical suspension.

Brake System:                             Double line air brake system, suitable with Dolly.

Tires:                                              385/80 R 22,5 and 8 Units.

Fifth Wheel Connection:         Suitable for all vehicles Fifty Wheel Connection with DIN Standards.

Electric System:                          24 Volt Electric System comply with 76/756 / EEC regulations.

Side Protection Barrier:          Aluminium side protection barriers placed at both sides comply with 89/297/EEC regulations.

Accessorries:                               CrNi CrNi water tank (35 Lt), Fire extinguisher (6 kg), Document box, Rear bumper, Plastic tool                                                                        box.

Paint:                                              Trailer clean before painting and repair with paste for smooth face.  Then prime paint and double                                                                    last  paint regarding customer reguest in Paint Oven.