Types Of Lowbed Semi Trailer

Lider Trailer manufactures all types of low trailers used by the customer in transporting heavy loads, machinery, construction machinery and all other types of loads. Therefore, Lider Trailer Corporation is keen on making lowbed  trailers according to the loads that will be transported.

Lider Trailer manufactures these trailers with different shapes:
From 2 axles to 12 axles all types of lowbed trailers
Lowloader Trailers (For Long Loads)
Extendable low trailers facilitate the transportation of all types of machines
Lowbed semi trailers for heavy tonnage weighing more than 100 tons
Lowbed semi  trailers have a hydraulic steering system that facilitates control when transporting
Low loader trailers and all types of this trailers 

Lider Trailer These trailers are manufactured according to the specifications that the customer requests because he knows how to transport the freight that he requests, thus our trailers make it easy to transport properly and easily in order to satisfy his customers. The high and accurate it is made.
We can manufacture lowbed semi trailers with the best materials such as steel , axles, braking system, tires, drive system, welding materials, etc.
So when lowbed semi trailers are manufactured in a trailer , we give up to 2 years warranty up to two years because we are confident that our trailers are of the highest quality and the best.
Lider Trailer manufactures and exports these trailers from Turkey to all European, African and Middle Eastern countries. Therefore, Lider Trailer manufactures and knows what specifications are appropriate for the countries that will be exported to.
If you need these lowbed semi  trailers, please contact us because we are the right company to help you with your order and your order will be produced according to the specifications you require with the best prices and high quality.