Extendable Lowbed

Lowbed Trailer Technical Properties


Produced by gas welding machines from  high resistance steel ST52 materials as *I* section in resistance calculation excessive loading has been considered with robotic welding machine.


3-4 X 11000 kg carrying capacity automatic brake adjustment lever and compliance with European standards. Off drum brake systems.

Brake System:

Designed according into the European standards are used on equipped with automatic brake adjustment brake chambers (30 cylinder), Brake Disk (394x210 mm) axle brakes. There are two pieces of replicable protective brake sockets.

Rear Axles 30x30 Service emergency bellows.

Mechanical-Air Suspension Systems:                                                  

According to costumer request “Lider” brand mechanical suspension or air suspension system. 


They are “Lider” brand with double revolutions mechanic pillars with 24 tons carriying capacity.

Wheel and Rim:

12 - 16 Units 295 60 R 22, 5 / 245 70 r 17.5 Plot rim. Goodyear or Pirelli Brand.


Trailer clean before painting and repair with paste for smooth face. Then prime paint and double last paint regarding customer reguest in Paint Oven.


Length: 13600 mm

Width: 3000 mm

Floor Steel: 6 mm Patterned sheet.

Floor Accessories: 8 mm Traves.

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